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Car 100 was derived from a late G50 series 911 it has been rebuilt from the bare shell ground up.


The wide track from the 1970 911ST has been recreated in hand crafted steel panels allowing the use of the period correct Fuchs wheels in 9 and 10 inch widths.


The engine has been completely built to blueprint perfection now firing through 3.4 litres high compression forged internals. The fuelling is covered by the aesthetically beautiful independent throttle body fully programmable fuel injection system developed in house with AT Power Throttles.


The excess of 300 hp is chewed into the road through its Quaife Torsional limited slip differential in its G50 transmission.


The awesome soundtrack comes through period correct RS equal length manifolds with a bespoke LeMan silencer.


Immense stopping power comes from the monster 6 pot aluminium billet brake calipers and huge vented discs.


To enable this wonderful creation to hurl itself round the corners it rides on computer controlled Tractive semi active adjustable suspension with highly uprated hollow torsion bars rocking on precision bronze bushes.


The interior speaks for itself. Simplicity and luxury fine Muirhead leather with Harris Tweed inserts wrapped around the period and rare Scheel sports seats kept cool with electronic air conditioning.


Car 100 was exported to Japan and now prowls the mean streets of Tokyo. Please contact Bespoke Autmotive our partners in Japan, if you are interested in importing a Rennsport car.


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