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Rennsport Owner's Review


22 Jun 2023

by Clive Austin

I bought my black Rennsport 3.4 ST in early 2022 based on an ’87 3.2 G50 Carrera.  I have been lucky to have been able to own several classic, sports and super cars over the years including a couple of modern 911s but this was my first foray into classic 911 ownership. I am the first to complain if something isn’t right but I like to think that, for balance, I am the first to speak out when something goes beyond expectations.  Its for this reason I wanted to put pen to paper (“finger to keyboard”?) regarding Rennsport, their products and the people who make them. 
First of all the product.  I love it, and so do most others who encounter it.  It’s relatively subtle but a wonderful shape.  On a recent driving day with a bunch of modern Italians for company, the other drivers and passers-by clustered around the ST in the car park during the rest stops and it was a constant topic of conversation. 
The design elements and small details make a real difference: the drilled door handles, the billet indicator stalks, the wooden gear knob, the custom interior that retains its classic Porsche lineage. 
Then there’s the engineering: the LSD, the Tractive suspension, the wonderful engine, the bespoke brakes… Most importantly I guess, there’s the driving experience.  It’s a really compact car by today’s standards and is really well suited to the twisty country lanes where I live. 
The engine is perfectly suited to the car and has a great balance between performance and drivability – all whilst making an intoxicating sound. Having had V12s and V8s before, this re-engineered flat 6 easily holds its own without being too “shouty” (although it can be shouty enough if you want it to be). It’s also really practical – air con, Porsche sat NAV, space to put stuff in the back and even in the front.  As a result, I find myself driving it more than my other cars – its just more fun with less histrionics. 
So what have the ownership experience and dealing with Rennsport been like?  I think this all starts with the chap that founded and runs it – Paul Cockell.  First and foremost, he’s passionate about his subject. You get the distinct impression that he does this for love and would do it anyway even if there weren’t money involved. As with anyone like that, he has spent a lifetime of waking hours amassing a wealth of expertise and knowledge about all things 911.  He started on the spanners himself so he knows all there is to know.  Just as importantly though, this carries through to the whole service ethos behind the company.  Mentioning no particular brands by name, I’ve experienced very mixed approaches to customer service and Paul’s is one of the very best I’ve come across.  With a hand built product I am always tweaking and coming up with suggestions. For balance, there are also the odd occasions when something needs some TLC - that’s how it is within any bespoke product.  However, Paul and the team take this all in their stride.  Most recently when another prestige brand let me down and I needed my ST at short notice, they literally fitted me in with less than 12 hours’ notice and turned the car around within 48 hours.  Paul then refused to give me a bill. 

As we have got to know each other we have also developed what I regard as one of the essential ingredients of any relationship – banter – in copious quantities. This matches the quality of his product!  It’s not just Paul though.  He has clearly set the tone for the business and recruited like minded people to work with him.  If I turn up and Paul isn’t there, invariably one of his team look after me, show me round, explain the latest goings on and projects etc.  It’s always an interesting place to visit. To a degree the same is true about other customers too.  I spoke to a few people before buying mine and met another whilst racing.  They are all really nice people with whom you could happily pass a very interesting evening in the pub – a key benchmark in my view. 
Overall then, I really couldn’t speak highly enough of the Rennsport product or the people who produce it.  I don’t work for them and we’re not related, but I would have no hesitation in recommending someone to buy one of their cars. Even if you don’t end up buying one, you’ll have a facinating visit and no doubt learn something.  If you have anything like the expereince that I have, then you won’t be disappointed. They’re not cheap, but in my view they provide great value. 
Clive Austin.

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