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Restoration by Rennsport

All well as backdated cars, we offer a full restoration service to owners of existing cars.

Whether you desire a pure ‘nut and bolt’ rebuild or a customised model, restored to your personal wishes with today’s rigorous safety standards in mind, owning a Porsche from Rennsport gives you a legendary car that you can use every day and enjoyed. 

Full Strip & Metalwork

Porsche 911's started to be galvanised from 1976 however they still rust and so all our cars are fully stripped by hand (not acid dipped nor shot blasted) and checked for issues in the following areas: Rear arches, kidney bowls, sills, inner wings, and footwells. Screen corners, sunroofs, battery trays, fuel tanks and joints. 

By using steel, we retain the strength and integrity of the original car as well as avoid future issues with delaminating caused by using mixed materials with different expansion rates.

Depending on your chosen body style, its at this point the wider arches and backdated panels are welded to complete this stage.

Pick a colour

We offer any colour of your choice and there are many great Porsche official classic period colours to choose from as well as more modern types, such as  many metallics too.

bodyshell copy.jpg
Interior Fitout

We soundproof and fit new carpets to each car, before adding new seats and matching retrimmed rear seats. The dash and clocks all come in for the Rennsport attention to detail too and just in these two sentences there are many options available to tailor your car to your exact requirements. 

Engine Rebuild & Tune

Each engine is fully stripped, cleaned, machined and rebuilt using new balanced and blueprinted parts.

The Gearbox goes through the same treatment and both are reunited with the car once it returns from the bodyshop. Increased capacity and individual throttle bodies can be added

at this point to further improve performance.

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Suspension & Brakes

New brake lines installed and either standard or uprated brakes systems are fitted as per the customers requirements. 6 & 4 Pot billet calipers with enlarged floating drilled or grooved discs.

The suspension can be  standard or upto a Semi Active system installed, providing on the fly programmable changes to the damper settings.


As with all Rennsport cars, there are many upgrades and options that can be fitted and we can advise and tailor cars to fit their intended purpose. The Tractive Suspension is renowned as providing the best of both worlds and enables both spiritied track settings through to more comfortable daily about town use.

Restoration Complete

Once the car is completed it is fully checked, MOT'd, test driven and readied for collection.

Our cars are effectively new & should be treated as such, with a run in period of 500-1000 miles before a return to our workshops for an initial service & checkover.

We include a full 12 month warranty on all new Rennsport fully restored cars, for peace of mind.

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