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Commissioned and completed in 2018 at Rennsport.


Built from a bare 964 body shell in Nardo grey with all new and refurbished components. Bespoke wings and arches are in handcrafted lightweight steel, a complete carbon fibre roof, composite lightweight front and rear bespoke bumpers. Lightweight steel bonnet with RSR centre fuel filler.


It’s 3.8 litre fully forged high compression engine breathes through Individual Throttle Bodies and a fully programmable Emerald ECU. The Exhaust is a RSR race system made from stainless steel TIG welded and fitted with a heat exchanger, it features an equal length header RSR system with a twin outlet silencer in polished stainless steel. Truly a work of art.

This engines build features the same 964 crankcases which are the same castings as the early GT3s.


It is fitted with a lightened steel crank from a 964 RS balanced all complete with a lightweight GT3 flywheel and single mass clutch. Fitted to this are forged lightweight H-beam con-rods which are balanced for weight with ARP bolts.


The pistons fitted are new forged 102mm high compression( 11.8-1) CR Wossner. These are inside new Mahle barrels which are nicasil coated. The heads are matched to the manifolds and bolted down with new uprated Dilivar crankcase studs all round. New RS profile camshafts have been used which keep a good torque curve instead of peaky high power band.


Currently mapped at well over 300 bhp / 380 NM of torque it provides the get up and go to match its good looks through its revised four wheel drive system.


Uprated Brembo power brakes all round are fitted and are matched with lightweight 9x17” rear 7x17” front period Fuchs style wheels


The handcrafted leather and Alcantara interior has the added benefit of air conditioning, power steering and an Apple Play SatNav.


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